Now listen, if you haven’t seen this movie, stop whatever you’re doing and watch ittt, i don’t think i have ever loved a movie as much as i love nerve, Dave Franco is just an amazing actor and he killed his role honestly.My best part is when we get to see that Dave had already played the game and his friend fell from a high thingy(i don’t know what it’s called), i deadass played that part over and over again because it was too lit and i felt really sad and my second best part was when Emma Robert’s death was staged and she wasn’t really shot and when they finally got rid of the game and everybody watching got notifications saying “you’re an accessory to murder” or something like that.Nerve is tooo lit, it’s #1 on my list.
2)The Wedding Party

You’ve probably heard of it, well I actually kinda like this, it’s kind of cool, This is a Nigerian movie featuring the famous Banky Wellington and Adesua Tomi, i like the part where Dunmi’s(Adesua) dad walked in on the groom and his brother being gunned down by a thief after Dunmi ran out and the thief was like ‘are any more people coming’ or something like that then Dunmi’s dad was like ‘let me go and check’ and proceeded to leave but the thief stopped him, it’s kind of funny to me, i guess but i don’t like the parts where she’s really hurt and looks like she’s crying but tears don’t come out and i’m like bruhh and she forgives too easily, I think that’s part of her personality but whatever, i feel the movie is straight-forward, just revolves around her wedding day yeah, it’s alright.

3)10 days in Suncity

This movie is really funny and we have Adesua here too, i don’t really have much to say on it, but i recommend this and i think i actually prefer 30 days in Atlanta, this movie just revolves around Adesua’s beauty but it’s really nice.
And i’m donee.




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lots of love.



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