Its aaaahbeeeee here! Yeah i know you all missed me,well yeah I’m back from South Africa and maybe just maybe I’ll post something on my adventures in South Africa but I’m here on make-up and I’m about to drop an interview I was opportuned to get, despite her busy schedule she settled for me and answered all my questions patiently…I know you all are wondering who is this make-up artist,well ladies and gentlemen this make-up artist is no one other than my sister ‘Emem Andy’.Below are the questions and answers that occurred during the interview(her replies are in Bold)

When did you start make-up? 
3 years ago,so that’s 2014.

Okay….whats your motivation?
The fact that they’re hardly dark skinned girls out there doing makeup.Most dark skinned girls are scared to try makeup because of the limitations.So it kind of moved me to be serious with this makeup thing.
How did you learn?

I went to makeup school.
How do you learn new things? 

 I always try to practice new techniques,well I see something on social media and try to tweak it in my own way.

What are your favourite make-up products?
Definitely foundation, strip lashes, liquid liner and lip gloss.
What about your favourite brand?

I’ll go with becca cosmetics.

Why do you like becca cosmetics?

They really cater for women of colour.
Who is your make-up role model and why do you like the person?

I really don’t have a role model,I’ll like to make myself a role model though as there aren’t really much dark skinned makeup enthusiasts.

Who inspired you to start a YouTube channel?

Well not really inspiration.But a bunch of my friends encouraged me to start a channel.After much consideration I did.
Do you see yourself with a make-up future?

Maybe,see what comes up in the later future.



Instagram: emem_andy

YouTube channel: emem.andy


                                                                                                       Lots of love,

                                                                                                         Abby and Shuuri


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