Holla! Guess who? That’s  right, it’s me, that extra special glitter girl with your weekly posts, Jayla! So I’m sorry I haven’t seen a lot of matches, playoffs lately so I don’t  really have scores this week but by next week I’ll most likely have them stacked and ready to show you! So we’re going to be starting with the Star of the Week. The star for this week is Alexander Iwobi, an arsenal player born on the 3rd May 1996 he joined Arsenal while he was in primary school. He’s the nephew of ex-prof FB, Jay-Jay Okocha. He plays as the winger and striker for Arsenal Team and signed a long-term contract with Arsenal in October 2015. Last year, he won CAF young player of the year. As yunno, I’m an Arsenal fan so Alex is like half of my heart, he’s my second favourite player after Olivier Giroud who we’ll be talking about next week. Hope you’ll be here to see his episode of Footie “Star of the Week”. See Y’all next week. Have a great week yeah?and don’t forget to drop your comments👇👇 (e-mails open too!)

Love you loads💜💜


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