Hello everyone(with a cocky British accent) its Jayla with your 168 hours weekly movie pin-up! Bored much? It’s that special time to hang out with a cup of friends at the cinema or movie theatre! Cause there are definitely some movies to get you in the mood. So what? You have a boyfriend/girlfriend perhaps and you just want the perfect movie to make that date extra special😉 or something to ease you out of the tedious school week? And you just want something to inject you with happiness and boost you with enough energy to take on another week of long, boring and tiring school hours.  We’ve got some picks for you!

So, I’m going, to begin with my picks from last month. If you’re into romance, there’s Beauty and the beast! and Fifty shades darker😉.

Action: John Wick 2, The fate of the Furious, Ghost in the Shell, Power Rangers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Get out, Kong: Skull island, Resident Evil, King Arthur, Alien: covenant.

Comedy/Animation: The boss baby, Trolls, Rock dog, Smurfs: the lost village.


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