Hey everybody! |(by 5SOS)|, It’s Jojo here with your first batch of fashion news! So today I’m going, to begin with, our special add-on ‘Shimmer Spotlight! Where we focus on a particular brand or designer and reveal their works and history!  So who do you think is going to get into this week’s edition of Shimmer Spotlight?, take a wild guess would ya? well…*drumroll please*  It’s…… ‘VERSACE’!!!!



The Versace group was founded by Giovanni (Gianni) Versace in 1978 who debuted a perfume range by the name ‘Versus’ to his sister Donatella Versace. After his devastating exit in 1997,, his brother, Santos Versace, and his sister, Donatella took over the Versace business which now owns about five hundred employees worldwide. The famous Versace logo is the head of a mythical creature (Medusa) and they became famous for the well known “Black Versace dress of Elizabeth Hurley”. They also designed for sensations such Elton John, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and for royalties like the Princess of Wales and Princess Caroline of Monaco. Donatella is one of my inspirations! and below are some of the Versace designs. I absolutely heart them and hope that you will too!



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