Oh, girlssss, Abby here!♦♦. It’s every teenage girl’s dream and responsibility to use make-up. Just to add that extra touch that can spice up an entire outfit and brighten up any mood. Problems with blending? or contouring? or perhaps you just can’t find a style perfect for your kinda brows? I’ve got you covered! Shuuri and I will be there to help you through each step of the way from lining to drawing to blending and highlights! Whatever it is, we’ve got it! We’re also going to put up pictures like step-to-step instructions on how to perfect your make-up skills and tutorial videos that we think you’d love! We’d also link youtube accounts and instagram handles for you to check out in your leisure time.  Perhaps you may be looking to go for a rather natural look? We definitely have the right stuff for you! So don’t bail on us just yet, Do you happen to like M.A.C.? or Nyx makeup?, or maybe Clinique? or Mary Kay? or Revlon??  We’ve got all the famous make-up creators lined up for your satisfaction and everyday needs. Why? because your satisfaction is our priority!. Seeing you soon! Kindly drop your comments below! For any suggestions, complaints or constructive criticisms, you can e-mail us Glittergirls mailbox!!❤❤

btw: If you’d like to know some youtube channels to subscribe to in order to improve your skills please send us an e-mail and we’ll reply in a jiffy!

Lots of Lip Gloss!

Abas and Shuuri!


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