As you know, its Jayla and as Shuuri said earlier there are two branches of fashion and I believe that its quite obvious that I’ll  be talking clothes!! Since of course Shuuri does hair and let’s  be frank, I am a total, in fact, I  am the ultimate fashion FREAK!!! I am completely obsessed with clothes, fashion shows, runways and red carpets. I know absolutely everything about mixing and matching the kind of clothes you wear to occasions, perhaps you’re looking for the perfect outfit for the perfect date or just to hang out with friends? Boy, should you be glad that I’m here! I’ll inform you about all the upcoming fashion weeks and events cause I am totally hooked to fashion tv and plus I never miss any of the shows so you can bet on me! I’m going to put up this challenges called “Who made my clothes” and “Copy that Celeb” very soon so don’t forget to check back with us for any improvements. Thank you, soo much….. For any feedbacks, complaints or suggestions you can email them to us or personally to me

BTW: I want to be a fashion designer in the future

                                                                                                           Lots of shugarrrr❤❤

                                                                                                                  Jayla and Shuuri


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