hey everybody,welcome to the summer sparkle spot,this was recently introduced because summer’s coming soon and it’s finna be lit and summer is also the best time of the year!!#!!!#!@@^$&#*#

time for business,i(christie) am here to get each and everyone of you prepared for summer 2k17 because it’s finna be LIT,now of course to get all of you prepared.

the main thing is to glow up all round


you mustn’t be size 2 to be fit,just get your summer body ready,exercise,eat healthy,drink water.there’s one thing most of you don’t understand about self love,self love is loving yourself,when you love yourself you treat yourself properly,drink water,exercise,repeat!!!!.

also work on your summer skin,drink water all the time,moisturize,exfoliate,wash your face all the time.and yes,i’m finna glow up too!!!!


most people are too worried about getting their summer bodies ready for summer,what about your school work,to start summer happily you must take an exam,so stay up reading,study real hard,let the sky be your limits man!!


start something before summer,a book!,a blog!,a clothing line!,nothing is too small!!!,make paper and in case things get hard don’t give up!!!


i saved the best for last,get better spiritually.

-pray every morning and night

-make time out to study the bible

-Thank God all the time

-Help people,your reward is in heaven

-Be an ambassador of Christ
nowwwww that i’m done i hope with my tips you’ll have an amazinggggg summer,i’m going to write more on glowing up,hopefully!,if you ever feel like giving up,pray and just so you know don’t make it a ‘for summer thing’,let it be your life style,don’t stop working out after summer and also don’t stop loving yourself after summer,Join me as i make the best out of summer 2k17!!!!!

lots of love,

Christie(shuuri) and the glitter girls




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